Rhymes for The Times



 Rhymes for The Times

rhymes-for-the-timeRhymes for the Times I have been writing and performing my mix of poetry for people with a social conscience.Those of you who are still loving and caring and think the world has needed a complete overhaul for a very long time now should give my book a go as I’m only saying what many people think anyway..My first collection has been well received by many and as a result will be releasing a second collection later on in the year.I get a lot of pleasure knowing people from everywhere are reading, and digesting what I have to say. I think it’s becoming more and more important to support up and coming writers and poets as the art of spoken word and written word could become lost underneath all this technology we have grown to depend on.Before this, oral traditions were relied upon to spread information and ideas to the masses, and it would be a great shame if this tradition was abandoned completely.Finally, I hope you have a good read if you choose my book.Love and l



       Rhymes for The Times

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Product Details

ISBN 9781326270377
Edition First
Publisher William Cornelius Harris Publishing
Published 20 Aug  2015
Language English
Pages 40
Binding Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink Black & white
Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions (centimetres) 14.81 wide x 20.98 tall

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