Free Publishing Service

Amy-optomize-SmithWe aim to offer a Free Publishing Service for our clients who have all suffer from mental health distress. Stop Mental Health Discrimination by promoting metal health awareness and use performance poetry to express positive emotions and give opportunity to present our work to the public on equal footing. South London Poetry Books is an organisation providing the performance platform  and a Free Publishing Service where poets have the opportunity to be seen by our publishing team.

We can only carry on this work if you continue to support our effort by attending our event and buying our books

Together  we can help our clients to for fill there potential and support mental health awareness with performance arts.  Stop mental health discrimination with performance Arts.

What Revolutionary our staff and volunteer all have  suffer from mental health issue and are well place  to show case the power of over coming disadvantage.  The use of modern technology to make it all fit together, to allow us to compete in a global market