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The Wonderful World of Poetry

New Arrival

Running Though Trees & Glitter

Rachel Tansy Chadwick

I could not do it without their help. Working with the team i found them all very knowledgeable. Rachel Chadwick author

Steve Tasane

“A Total Emotional Knockout” Patience Agbabi and Joelle Taylor describes Counteroffensive as ‘blistering spoken word from one of the fiercest founders of the scene’. In his time, he’s won a slam or three, earned a standing ovation at Latitude Festival

Lizzie Rose

Tomorrow we Fight Yester’s Men This book is a collection of memories mostly of my own life being born in London with two addict parents, growing up in a highly dysfunctional single parent family, being extremely poor and labelled underclass.

“Original and with an innate understanding of their customer’s needs, the team at South London Poetry Books are always a pleasure to work with.”

Author Keith Bray


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