Dark Matter poetry book

Dark Matter

Dark Matter by Amy Neilson Smith Dark Matter explores the thin line between lust and destruction, revealing a blasted spectrum where thirsty raindrops cause havoc between wet sheets, and from the windows view young girls are hanging by rope from the mango tree; from vast twisted tempests, where Miranda carries Caliban’s spawn, to the moist incubator of a breathless baby …

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Twisted and chewed poetry book

Twisted and Chewed

Twisted and Chewed Shaun Rivers Twisted And Chewed Shaun Rivers first collection.  Performance poet, actor and visual artist from Stockport, now based in London. His debut poetry book  is about naïve decadence, dreadful despair, love, way too many drugs, believing in your favourite band, wasting time in Hornsey, tripping in America, forgetting what your name …

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skyhigh down to ground poetry book


SKYHIGH DOWN TO GROUND Keith Bray  SKY DOWN TO GROUND Keith Bray SKY DOWN TO GROUND my fourth book of poems ‘Skyhigh down to ground’ begins and engages with the political much more directly than my previous poetry collections. Intuitive responses more questioning than providing any actual solutions or answers. The content slowly moves towards …